Frequently asked questions

Have something to ask about Memorez? We'll try and answer it here.

Do you have any Terms And Conditions of use?

Yes. Like most membership services, we conform to a set of conditional guidelines. They are available in full at Terms And Conditions

Can my memories be added to or commented on, for example by my children?

When inviting other people to have access to your Memorez account you can allow them to view only, comment or edit. Therefore nobody can add comments without having had permission by you.

Can I delete memories if I make a mistake or no longer want them saved?

Yes - at any time you can choose to can edit and/or delete any of your saved content.

Can I use my mobile phone instead of a web-cam to add video?

Yes - If you have a tablet or smart phone with a front-facing camera, most will allow you to add your personal video stories instead of a computer web-camera. As this is a feature of the device, Memorez cannot take responsibility for the reliability or quality.

Are my memories safe?

Memorez values your privacy and security and endeavours to keep all member data secure. We will never release personal information to third parties for marketing or financial gain.

I have photographs I would like to add, is this possible?

Yes - you can 'drag and drop' saved images into Memorez, or take photos of them directly from your smart phone.

Can I add memories on behalf of someone, even if they have passed away?

Yes - you can create any number of profiles under an account. Profiles can be adjusted for those that have passed away.

Can I share my Memorez with others or view other peoples?

Yes you can choose to share your account with as many people as you wish and them with you. You can also decide who can simply view your content, and who can contribute.

What happens to my Memorez account if I pass away?

Your account will endure and your Memorez will live on!
When you set up your account we recommend you share it with one other trusted person, giving them full account privileges. In this way your memories will be available for friends, family and future generations. Also, take a look at our special QR code and memory-wall features. These are specifically designed to help in sharing memories for long after we're gone.

I don’t have many photographs from my childhood - can Memorez help?

Yes - we provide an image, music and video content finder to help you build your cherished Memorez. Was your ‘first pet you remember?’ a cute little fox terrier called Yorkie? We'll help you find a picture that most closely resembles your memory of him.

Is the service free or does it cost real money?

To create an account to view existing shared Memorez profiles is free. To create a Memorez profile in-which stories can be added, shared and preserved costs a small one-off payment. But why? Memorez is unlike other social networks. We do not derive our income from selling your data nor exposing you to hundreds of adverts and offers. We wish to offer a safe, respectful and considerate environment where people can feel open and honest - not 'opportunities' to sell to. We believe that a small, one-time price for such a service is fair and reasonable. We hope you do too.

What a fantastic gift for a loved one! Can I gift an account?

Yes - you can create a fresh account for any email address you like and gift them an account. If you currently own a Memorez account personally, you can gift accounts to friends and family at a reduced rate.

Is my initial payment the only one I will need to make?

Yes - the payment is one-off. There is no subscription, micro-transactions or hidden fees to own a Memorez account.

Can I share with Memorez non-account holders?

Yes. You can share profiles with others via email for viewing, editing and comment.

Do you refund accounts if I wish to cancel?

Yes. We honour a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. We continually strive to make the best possible online experience and take your feedback very seriously. If you are not fully satisfied for any reason, please contact us at within 30 days for a full refund of your purchase price.

Is it 100% secure and private?

The internet is a constantly changing environment so it is very difficult to offer guarantees concerning technology. We can gurantee that we will constantly endeavour to provide the best service we can, and that we will never give or sell your personal data to third-parties. Please see our terms and conditions for more on this topic.

Who owns the data and content of my Memorez?

Your personal memories will always be your own. You have control over your data at all times. For example, if you delete story content from your profile, it is completely removed. However we do have some legal obligations as an online service. Please see our terms and conditions on our moderation and data disclosure policies.

What is collective Memorez - and how is it different to individual Memorez?

Collective Memorez was created to suit a group environment. This could be a social group, club or care facility. Anywhere where a group of people would benefit from discovering their Memorez together. A collective account typically consists of the owner of the account, or host, and a group of member profiles.

How many members can use a collective Memorez account?

There is currently no limit to the number of members that can participate in a group, though a group of 5 - 20 active participants would probably be ideal to host in each session.

What if my members change? Can I add more? Will they cost extra?

So long as your subscription is up to date, you can add people at any time to your group at no extra charge.

Can my members share collective Memorez with their friends and family? Yes. Each profile can be independantly shared with others. Profiles can also be transfered to next-of-kin for example.

How strict is the guided questions experience? Do I have to follow the question prompts exactly?

Not at all, you can move between questions at any time. They are there more as a guide to get your discussions started.

If a member leaves the group, are their saved Memorez lost or deleted?

So long as your subscription is up to date, all data entered into the group account is saved. However you may choose to transfer or remove any saved profile at your own discretion.

Can we add pictures of the individual members into collective Memorez?

Absolutely! Every memory added is done so against each participant's personal profile. So everyone can add their own photos, favourite music, video entries, etc.

Can collective Memorez be used on an 'ad-hoc' basis as well as integrated into a formal program?

Sure, there are no hard and fast rules on how you choose to use your collective memorez service with your group. From a formal theraputic session to a social club reminiscing together - memorez can bring hours of enjoyment to your group.

What do we need to run a collective Memorez session?

Any device connected to the internet with a web-browser can provide the Memorez service. This could be a smart TV, shared tablet that is passed around, or a laptop managed by the group's host. Whatever suits your group the best!

Does collective Memorez support video recordings? Can each of our members recount their personal stories from their past?

Absolutely! What better way to use Memorez in a group setting! This can be easily facilitated by sharing a tablet or mobile device to capture the video, or via a central laptop managed by a host. To ensure our service is stable and speedy, we limit each recorded video to 3 minutes long. But you can add as many as you wish!

What if a resident wishes to personalize their memories even further?

Each profile under the host's account is separate. So each resident could update their own under supervision. Profiles can also be transfered. So a member may sign-up with a new account independant from the host, and have their profile transfered, which would be kept totally separate to their group participation.

How much does it cost?

The collective Memorez service is offered at the fixed annual price with a 6 month full money-back guarantee.

I'm still unsure about...

Every group will have its own personality and way of working. We are here to support you through your collective Memorez journey. If after six months you are not convinced, we will happily refund your subscription payment. You will love it, as after all it is simply celebrating life together!