We are just like you

Memorez was built by people for people. Join us on this journey of life.
Memorez was established by a group of people who realized they had a common experience. Despite the pervasiveness of social media, we recognised that many stories from the past have never been captured or recorded in our own families. Nothing existed that could take old memories and capture them in a modern and engaging way, keeping them safe for family and future generations.

As we worked our way through what such a platform would look like we identified a number of key features that needed to be integrated to make a powerful and compelling experience for users:

  • Easy and fun to use - quick to learn and nothing to install.
  • Music - it’s a cornerstone of a lot of our memories, both individual and collective.
  • Photographs - Add and share existing photos - many of which may be held by only one member of a family.
  • Video - Record your stories from your web-cam, tablet or mobile.
  • Sharing - Selectively share with other parties, choosing where they could view only, contribute or edit.
  • Privacy - Lock memories until you wished them released.
We’ve built all of those features into memorez and more. We hope you and your family will enjoy using memorez as much as we have building it.

Please feel free to let us know about new features you think would be great to add-if we can build them we will!

Send your feedback to feedback@memorez.org