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Save stories, photos, video and music quickly and easily

Memorez makes it easy to save life stories in a number of ways
  • Image finder: Add old schools, towns and places you have been
  • Music finder: Listen to excerpts of your favourite albums
  • Video finder: Watch historical events, concerts and more
  • Web-cam video recording: Save video from your browser or mobile
  • Photograph importing: Drag and drop your favourite images
  • Question prompts to help jog your memory

Guided experience will help you remember those special moments

Memorez provides built-in question guides to help you populate memory lanes, each representing an aspect of your life.
For example,


What was the best Christmas present you ever received as a child?
You can of course record any number of stories and images. The question guides are there just to to help you get started.

Securely and selectively share with who you want, when you want

You have the ability to share your Memorez with any person you wish. When inviting them you select what level they can contribute to the account.
  • They can only view Memorez or,
  • they can add comments to existing Memorez or,
  • they can add new stories to the account
You are informed by email each time someone else adds a comment or a memory to your account. In this way, you can invite close family and friends to contribute to your stories, or help share their recollections if the Memorez account is for someone who has passed.

Display a favourites gallery or a cherished memorial website with Memorez wall

With Memorez you can set your favourite memories, stories, photos and albums to your public Memorez wall. The wall allows you and others to instantly view these nominated stories using your choice of
  • A clickable web link
  • Your own QR code scanned from a mobile device
  • A unique m-code typed into the web site

Your personal QR code can let you share with anyone anywhere

Memorez provides every account an unique QR code which enables you to
  • Instantly access your favourites saved to the public Memorez wall without having to log in
  • Allow others to view the wall with from their mobile phone or device
The QR code can be printed and used just about anywhere!
  • A favourite photograph
  • On a treasured trophy
  • Stuck into a scrapbook or journal
  • Printed onto an invitation or eulogy
Visit our m-shop for many more ideas, wearables and mementos.

Jewellery and mementos keep you connected

Every Memorez account comes with a complementary QR code and m-code, designed to provide instant access to cherished stories, photos and videos. Each code can be engraved onto the back of a piece of jewellery for instant access to a loved ones favourite memories conveniently through a mobile device.

What better way to keep a loved one and their memories close to you - literally!

Memorez provides this engraving service for members through its m-shop where a wide range of jewellery and mementos are now available.

Life is precious

There will never be another you. Why not take the time to store and share some of your precious stories with those that matter the most. Now and for later. And it is easy. Our unique memory-lane approach will help you recall those special moments, those things that have shaped who you are. Share them as stories, photos or directly through your web camera.

With me always

Our new m-wear range of jewellery and momentos make it possible to instantly access a loved ones favourite Memorez. Every m-wear piece is uniquely engraved with either a QR code or m-code, linking it to a 'Memorez wall', full of special moments and distinctive choices.
How does it work?

  1. Create a Memorez account and profile for you or a loved one to celebrate their life
  2. Follow the guided Memorez experience to populate the Memorez wall with special moments
  3. Note down the unique M-Code
  4. Visit our m-shop and select which m-wear items you would like to purchase
  5. Wear and share your new mementos knowing a loved ones memories are only a heartbeat away

Never forget

As well as using Memorez to record the life stories of a loved one still living, Memorez is equally as powerful in capturing the essence of someone’s life who has passed away through the recollections of those family members and friends who knew and loved them best. Using Memorez you can invite family and friends to collaborate in sharing images and stories of that person meaning a central record of their life from many perspectives will be held safely in Memorez.

Stronger together

Sharing and communicating in a group of like-minded people is both therapeutic and fun. Collective Memorez makes it easy. We are continually working with professionals and industry to perfect the best possible programme for small groups. Why not become a Collective Memorez host for your small group, club or fellowship today.

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